Your ideas become a reality


Hello Everyone!
Christmas is almost here and we have decided to gather user ideas to make it reality in game! and if you like your ideas get into VioMice, please fill this form and you will be rewarded for your ideas!

Every player who participate in Christmas idea suggestion will receive:

★  1 title after we start the event

Every player’s idea which makes it in the game will receive:

★  1 month free VIP
★  1 special title that only winners will get!
★  and a secret prize that we cannot tell you yet!


  1. Write a valid idea
  2. Your idea must be unique to yourself not copied from another player
  3. You are allowed to mix up pervious experiences with your ideas
  4. Do not use/write any inappropriate word

If you don’t follow the rules you will not get anything and your idea will be deleted!

If you like to participate, please fill out this form:

This form will expire in 11/25/2019